Friday, 25 April 2014

My new mix will be broadcast in Ibiza (Spain) this Saturday night 23:59 (Hong Kong time)

Dear Friends,

A record label from Italy invited me to do an exclusive mix CD for them, all songs are from their label and I have just finalized it, release date to be announced.
There will be a promotion broadcast on digital radio station physically located in Ibiza (Spain) at the end of this month, this is a very good opportunity to share my sound with you.
The CD will be a Chillout / Lounge, Deep House mix in which the vibes are loved globally (you will seldom have chance to listen these sounds in media in Hong Kong and Macau) and my DJ mixing and mood mixing skill will surely blow your mind with something you've never heard before.

Please tune in this Saturday night at 23:59 (Hong Kong time) and enjoy!
Journey Through Different states Of Mind :
The broadcast will be around 60 minutes long, the first 30 minutes which will be deep Chillout / Lounge music, just sit back and relax,
then it will gain some momentum and progress into Deep House and you will begin to move your feet in the comfort of your chair,
the last song (4 minutes) is categorised as 'minimal' that will implant some good energy in your mind and you will feel fascinated and refreshed when the mix finish up.

Digital Broadcast Promotion:
LadyMarySound label showcase on
DJ Richard Chillfader - Journey Through Different states Of Mind
Tune in at :
Date : 2014.04.26 Saturday night
Time : 23:59 (Hong Kong time)

Richard Chllfader - Journey Through Different states Of Mind
Label : Lady Mary Sound International

Tracklist :
01. Pier O - Summer Rain (Original Mix)
02. Lusi Mel - Red Rose (Chilled Sample Sax Mix)
03. Thamza - On That Tip (Original Mix)
04. Pax The Pianist - Piano Chant (Thamza's Audio Out Groove)
05. Jami Weller - Timeless (Original Mix)
06. Demaalfra - Queen Of Kings (Original Mix)
07. Rhythm Staircase - So Do It (Original Mix)
08. Pier O - Sunday Night Pizza Bar (Original Mix)
09. DJEV - Password Drumz (Djev Space Mix)
10. Morelly DJ - George Funky (Rhythm Staircase Remix)
11. Jof Pryz, Stefano Vitch, Rhythm Staircase - Afrihouse (Rhythm Staircase Remix)
12. Ference Dee - Listen (Original Mix)

Length : 61:16

Technical description:
DJ beat mix : Yes
Harmonic mixing : Yes
Mood mixing : Yes

Label information :
Lady Mary Sound International

Once again, remember to tune in to on 2014.04.26 Saturday Night 23:59 (Hong Kong time)


Richard Prado Chillfader

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