Monday, 2 June 2014 Mix Show 116 - High Fashion Dance

Intro of "Rather Be" is marvelous so I extended the intro by using instrumental version as intro for the whole mix.

Clean Bandit - Rather Be (Instrumental)
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (LNRP Mixshow Edit (Clean))
3LAU ft. Bright Lights - How You Love Me (Panda Remix)
Daft Punk ft. Negin - Derezzed (So Amazing) (Avicii & Ricky Simmonds & Luke Saunders Remix)
Clean Bandit ft. Sharna Bass - Extraordinary (Bontan Remix)
Nsfw - The Walker (Dubwalker (Original Mix))
Kylie Minogue - I Was Gonna Cancel (Maze & Masters Remix)

Length : 29:44
Date : 2014-06-01

Free download  : Mix Show 116 - High Fashion Dance

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