Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sentimental & Powerful Mix for DJ Mag

There are times one may feel sentimental and depress, instead of slamming the door hard, I boost the bass real hard !

Sentimental & Powerful Mix for DJ Mag by Dj Richard Chillfader on Mixcloud

JES - It's Too Late (Michael Badal Remix)
DJ Chus - A Night Summer Dream (Sebastian Manuel Honey Dijon Mix)
Oliver Meadow - Important Things (D-Part Remix)
Skrillex - Space Invasion (Noisia Mix)
Ashley Wallbridge - Moonlight Sonata (Skytech Remix)
Panaghi - You Are Here (Keven Maroda Remix)
2Dope - SYS64738 (Maxi Version)
DJ Justin Johnson - Go Back (Part 3) (eleVatah Remix)
Phunk Investigation - 1980's (Original Mix)
Way Out West - Don't Forget Me (Riley & Durant Mix)

Length: 55:28
Date: 2012.03.09a6

Just press record button and mix up new combinations of songs so my mind can only focus on music and forget other things.
Another recording of my feelings that night.
After 1 bottle of white wine and some whisky, I couldn't remember how I found and play "Way Out West - Don't Forget Me", everything just went automatic...

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