Sunday 27 July 2014

Chillfader Mix Show 121 - Relax Saturday Tracks (mixed by Richard Artimix)

R&B, Funky, Italo Disco

Ne-Yo f. Jeezy - Money Can't Buy (No Rap Version Radio Edit)
Eric Nolan - Reminds Me (Radio Edit)
Dj Getdown feat. Dr No - Cruisin Down The Street
Trey Songz - Change Your Mind (DJ Intro - DJ Outro Clean)
Tank - You're My Star (DJ Intro - DJ Outro Clean)
Tensnake ft. Nile Rodgers & Fiora - Love Sublime (Original Mix)
Mariah Carey ft. Wale - You Don't Know What To Do (DJ Intro - DJ Outro Clean)

Length : 26:17
Date : 2014-07-26

Saturday 19 July 2014

Chillfader Mix Show 120 - Relaxing Soulful Funky House Mix

Andrewboy - Sunday Morning (Original Mix)
DJ Cassidy ft. R. Kelly - Make The World Go Round (DJ Intro - DJ Outro Clean)
Jennifer Hudson ft. R. Kelly - It's Your World (Dirty)
Jason Burns - Do Without (The Dealer Mix)
Destructo ft. YG - Party Up (Radio Edit)
Kym Sims - One Of Those Nights (Kevin Julien Radio Edit)
Tom Novy & Jerry Ropero ft. Abigail Bailey - Touch Me (Mario Chris Remix)
Nile Rodgers - Do What You Wanna Do (IMS ANTHEM) (Moon Boots Remix)
Peltsman ft. Kenny Thomas - Your Love (Manbonix Remix)
Musique Boutique - Come Closer (KeeJay Freak Electro Sax Remix)

Length : 39:32
Date : 2014-07-19a

Technical description :
Rehearsed live mix unedited. I only used vertical faders (didn't feel like using crossfader suddenly) in this mix.

Saturday 12 July 2014

Chillfader Mix Show 119 - Progressive House Live Mix

Drunk unrehearsed live mix from July 4th.

Tracklist (all tracks from label "Banshee Worx - Bonzai Music")
Deep Alexander - Midnight Launch (Nico Parisi Remix)
Gai Barone - Cartaria (Relaunch Late Night Remix)
Soft Knees - Reflexion (Cordoba Remix)
Sector 7 - Aloha (Original Mix)
Airwave - Triangle (Solar Fields Remix)
Nico Parisi - Soulit (Sector 7 Remix)
Relaunch - Dream Remote (Original Mix)
Relaunch - In The Music (Prog Version)
Relaunch - Far Away (Original Mix)

Length : 58:56
Date   : 2014-07-04

DJ technical description :

DJ-ing 技巧研究 (自己感覺而已)
Drunk Live Mix vs Studio Rehearsed Mix
聽番自己的 mix tapes 多數會聽得出那個/那部份 是飲醉酒後mix 的...
Drunk Live Mix 時對fader 控制會粗野點, 會大聲點殺出街, 會傻玩中音EQ, 但感覺會 lively一點.
Studio Rehearsed Mix 時對fader 控制會細緻些, 唔會太多玩EQ. 感覺平穩踏實一點.

Friday 4 July 2014

Chillfader CD - Journey Through Different States Of Mind

Journey Through Different States Of Mind (Richard Chillfader Mix)

If you missed the broadcast from Ibiza Radio last time this is the chance to listen back.
It's on Beatport NOW!
Styles include: Chillout, Deep House, Minimal, this new CD is definitely for you!

Journey Through Different States Of Mind :
Free listen and buy here :

This mix is around 60 minutes long, the first 30 minutes which is deep Chillout / Lounge music, just sit back and relax.
It will then gain some momentum and progress into Deep House and you will begin to move your feet in the comfort of your chair.
The last song (4 minutes) is a Minimal track that will implant some good energy in your mind and you will feel fascinated and refreshed when the mix finish up.

Technical description : Beat mixing : Yes; Harmonic mixing : Yes; Mood mixing : Yes.

Pier O - Summer Rain (Original Mix)
Lusi Mel - Red Rose (Chilled Sample Sax Mix)
Thamza - On That Tip (Original Mix)
Pax The Pianist - Piano Chant (Thamza's Audio Out Groove)
Jami Weller - Timeless (Original Mix)
Demaalfra - Queen Of Kings (Original Mix)
Rhythm Staircase - So Do It (Original Mix)
Pier O - Sunday Night Pizza Bar (Original Mix)
Djev - Password Drumz (Djev Space Mix)
Morelly DJ - George Funky (Rhythm Staircase Remix)
Jof Pryz, Stefano Vitch, Rhythm Staircase - Afrihouse (Rhythm Staircase Remix)
Ference Dee - Listen (Original Mix)

Length : 61:16

Thursday 3 July 2014

Chillfader Mix Show 118 - Dark Progressive House

Unrehearsed unedited live mix.
This mix begin and end with different mixes of "Nico Parisi - Soulit", please feel the impact of different mixes to the mood.

Tracklist :
Nico Parisi - Soulit (Original Mix)
Steve Sai - Across The Sky (Original Mix)
Soft Knees - Reflexion (Kevin Vega Remix)
Airwave & Jimmy Galle - Karaba (Samotarev Remix)
Moshic - Do it To Me Now (Gai Barone On A Train Remix)
Napalm & d-Phrag - Tour de Force (Manu Riga Remix)
Kevin Vega - Consolidate (Original Mix)
Nico Parisi - Soulit (Audio Noir Pressure Mix)

Length : 52:58
Date : 2014-06-29a