Tuesday 21 April 2015

Chillfader Mixtape 136 - Techno

Chillfader Mixtape 136 - Techno (DJ Mag Next Generation Mix) by Dj Richard Chillfader on Mixcloud

Lower, OSP - Never Ending Life (Original Mix)
Mario Zetter - Forever (Hot Tuneik Remix)
Phunk Investigation - Elephant (Original Mix)
Return of the Jaded - The Hustle (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
Flekzo - Altavoz (Original Mix)
Mr Andrew - Jack Is Dead (Original Mix)
Risico - Playground (Pagaan Remix)
Frankie Volo Feat Dr. Feelx - Underground (Original Mix)
Betonwiese - XYZ (XYZ)
Gomu - We fight for Techno (Mtech Remix)
Adrian Adonis - R U A Freak (Original Mix)
Rob Renson & Nelixus - Underground Android (Original Mix)
Joseph Mendez & Lewis Shephard - Purebass (Original Mix)

Length : 65:18
Date : 2015-04-03a

Description :
In the beginning, learning the ADSR envelop from the early 1980's Atari Basic manual, messing with the Peeks and Pokes values to generate the sound as in the super arcade game "Defender".

After some time started to play around with Modtracker for Amiga 500 computer, it was the time when IBM PC was only equipped with a little internal speaker.

Then it came the Adlib soundcard then Sound Blaster soundcard for PC, until the Sound Blaster Live with an Emu10k1 chip, the whole story changed......

My little Techno story continues....

Thursday 9 April 2015

Chillfader Mixtape 135 - Underground

Techno, Tech House, Progressive, Tribal

Jesper Dahlback, ADJD, Alexi Delano - Don't Constrain Me (Gaisers Rubber Mind Remix)
Uto Karem - Swinging Chords (Original Mix)
Mr. G, Mr G - Crab Jerk (Original Mix)
Skream - Still Lemonade
Andre Winter Hatzler - Mirage (Original Mix)
DJ Tonio - Only Live Once (Original Mix)
Stefano Noferini & Hollen - Rediscovered (Original Mix)
Paride Saraceni - The Only Way (Original Mix)
Juan Ddd - Pixel (Original Mix)
Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Coyu Remix)
Yvan Genkins - Mouth (Original Mix)

Length : 53:47
Date : 2015-04-05a

Monday 6 April 2015

Chillfader Mixtape 134 - Progressive

All tracks are Progressive besides first track is Techno to open the mix and last track is Tribal to end the mix.
Enjoy! :)

Chillfader.com Mixtape 134 - Progressive by Dj Richard Chillfader on Mixcloud

Tekken - Troublemaker (Original Mix)
Ruslan Vashkevich - Simargl (Simargl Original Mix)
Airwave - Carre (Rise And Fall Remix-123)
Greenage - Lost Memories (Original Mix)
Manu Riga - Tai Chi Girl (Thorin Remix)
Thorin - Secrets (Original Mix)
Anurag Nandvanshi - Soul Of India (Original Mix)
Alex Vidal - Pieces Of A Dream (Blufeld Remix)
JWM - Wild Soul (Manu Riga's Ethnology Remix)
Matt Holliday, Manu Riga - You Are Contagious (Original Mix)

Length : 65:08
Date : 2015-04-04b